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Guangdong division China environmental equipment co., LTD,Specialized in research and development、Design and production of environmental protection spray machine equipment,With strong ability of mechanical design and manufacturing,For customers tailored design spray equipment,Provide product solutions,Has now developed a high quality、Multi-function environmental dust gun series equipment,Reach the advanced level of the same industry,Product has won a number of patents。 Product appearance design is novel,Form a complete set of modern new science and technology、Automation function、High range、Low noise、Pitching rotation Angle、Coverage area is large、Atomization effect is good,Can effectively improve the environment、Cost savings、Improve efficiency。Products have been widely used in sea port、Quarry、Coal field、Construction site dust suppression dust removal, etc;Irrigation deinsectization;Urban road dust suppression;Public health and sanitation;At the same time also can be used for landscaping and urban cooling, etc,The products sell well in domestic、Outside,And get the customer the consistent approval and spoke highly of。...[More and more]

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A dragon service

  • From the late to design construction and service one-stop production,Save intermediate link
  • Ten years of professional and technical team,Provide you with spray engineering design、Production、Construction and maintenance
  • Association of multiple domestic spray projects abroad
  • Service a dozen us-funded enterprises in the world
  • ISO 9001-2015Quality management system certification enterprises

10In the spray system production manufacturers

  • Fog gun system solutions
  • The focus on spray dust equipment research and development more than ten years
  • With many national patent certificate

All types of fog gun projects throughout the country

  • Large enterprise environmental protection engineering experience at home and abroad
  • In line with international standards of structure design and configuration
  • Professional spray dusting series equipment design and production

Company business philosophy

  • Atmospheric achievement,Careful decision
  • The good faith around the world,Innovation is famous in China
  • Quality decides success or failure,Details molded future
  • Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit
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